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Tools Chat 2 by Siropu 2.0.23-nulled


Staff member
Aug 19, 2019
Peso Credits
[Image: screenshot_624.png]
Chat 2 by Siropu - The latest update corrected previously reported chat and style errors.

The installation method is simple:
upload, install,
activate in the forum settings,
set up groups of users.

Main Features
Dedicated guest room with nickname support
Archive with search criteria
Top chatters page
Private conversations
Sound, desktop & browser tab notification
Global user commands (21 commands that you can manage and you can also add you own custom commands)
Custom user commands (Can be used to set predefined messages/responses via command)
User settings
User status
User group permissions
User sanctions (Mute/Kick/Ban)
User image uploads
Style properties
Lots of admin options to enable/disable certain features
Bot notifications for new threads, mew posts, new users, new Resource Manager resources, new Media Gallery albums/media/comments
Bot responses that can be trigger by predefined keywords
Bot messages that are posted automatically at set time/date
Display notices in rotation (can be edited via the built in rich text editor)
Display ads in rotation
Set chat rules page
Rooms widget
Top chatters widget
Active users widget



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